Wavy-lush hair in 15 minutes(Expert Tips)

Wavy-lush hair in 15 minutes

 Samreen Samad     02 Feb, 2016



1. Brush out your hair thoroughly to detangle. (1 min)

2. Prep hair with a pre-styling primer. (1 min)

3. Spritz some sea-salt spray on the lengths for added texture and do a rootlift blow dry. (3 mins)

4. Divide hair into two sections and clip the top section while you work on the hair around the nape. (1 min)

5. Take small sections and start tonging with a medium wand until you cover the whole head. Secure the curls with pins as you go along. ( 7 mins)

6. Spritz holding spray on the tonged curls. (1 min)

7. Open the curls one by one and comb through using your fingers for loose natural waves. (1 min)