Even if I make a fashion blund...(Expert Tips)

Even if I make a fashion blunder, I’ll call it a trend: Ridhima Sud

 Shikha Shah     25 Oct, 2016

"Be Happy! Happy Girls are the prettiest"

Fashion to me is: Fun

One word that describes me: Dramatic

My sense of style: Moody

One thing that makes me feel sexy: A good workout. Afterall, sweat is sexy

5 essentials of a woman’s wardrobe: Black boots, skinny jeans, belt, leather jacket
and shorts

3 things I never leave home without: Phone, keys and hand sanitiser

A priceless possession I’ll never want to give away: My NYU hoodie

My ideal outfit for a fun party: A floral dress for a summer party. Anything in leather for winter

A casual day out with friends: Jeans and a super smart tee.
A hot date: Depends on the venue